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Coinkite Publishes Everything You Need to Build Your Own Coldcard Wallet

In a blog post published on October 25, 2019, Coinkite released all of the information needed for users to build their own versions of its hardware wallet, the Coldcard. The post contains the complete circuit diagram of the device, accompanied by a list of off-the-shelf parts that can be purchased to start the DIY project. Read more…

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Video Review: Ledger Nano X

[embedded content] Bitcoin Magazine reviewed the Ledger Nano X, the latest cryptocurrency hardware wallet offered by the company Ledger. Watch the video above and read the accompanying article below to learn more about the product’s specs and how to set it up. The Ledger Nano X supports over 1,000 different coins, including all ERC-20 tokens. Read more…

Crypto Earn from now in US
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Crypto Earn by – Earn up to 6% annually – now in the US!

Are you a cryptocurrency hodler? Are your assets sitting in your cold storage wallet not generating any interests? Crypto Earn by now helps to alleviate your problem – INTRODUCING CRYPTO EARN – NOW AVAILABLE IN 49 US STATES. Like all good things, I was skeptical at first. But I have since decided to give Read more…

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Video Interview: Carl Dong on Guix and Bitcoin Development

[embedded content] Chaincode Labs engineer Carl Dong is one of the most prolific and promising Bitcoin developers today. In the beginning of his career, he made significant contributions to the 21dotco protocol (which turned into Subsequently, he joined Blockstream and is doing perpetual work on Andrew Poelstra’s Rust Bitcoin implementation. But Dong truly came Read more…

TheCryptoHero Week in Review 11th March
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TheCryptoHero Week in Review 10th-17th March

We picked out Bitcoin rising above $4,000, blockchain’s future in the coming decade and Tether updating its reserve policy in this week’s Week in Review. The best coin news on cryptocurrency curated for the week of 11th March. I hoped you liked it. What are your thoughts, leave them at the comment below!