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My 3 favourite crypto trading tools right now

For any beginner or crypto-expert we all need smart and useful tools in our arsenal. Tools that can help us trade better, find useful insights or keep track of how we’re doing and finding new opportunities.

With that in mind I wanted to share 4 of my most used and favourite crypto trading tools right now.

My three most used crypto trading sites right now!

I do recommend you check these sites out. They are used by millions of others and they can help you improve your trading strategy, buy cryptocurrencies at the right time, and help you with your taxes!

1 ) Tradingview


A very useful site for any trader. Beginner to expert is Tradingview. Here you can create your own account to create your own charts and trading strategies.

Track the movements of Bitcoin an all other altcoins. Find new ideas from other fellow traders on Tradingview platform.

Find useful market information and stats to help you make smart decisions and fast.

And stay up to date with relevant market news.

All in one smart place, Tradingview. It is free to create your own account and I highly recommend it to everyone.

2 ) Cointracking


This is a cryptocurrency portfolio tool / tax tool. For any trader that is planning to make more than a handful trades they need to quickly think about the tax situation.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are currently being taxed as assets in many parts of the world. That means often that you need to pay taxes on any gains made from the purchase to the sale of the assets.

Meaning if you bought 1 BTC for $5000 and then sold that 1 BTC for $10,000 then you made a profit of $5000. And those $5000 can be taxed in many countries. You might need to pay capital gains tax of anything between 15% – 40% of those profits.

So what Cointracking does is it helps to track all your trades made on popular cryptocurrency exchanges. It does this to help you with your tax reports. It can also create some reports for you, and even help to connect you with a CPA that can help to answer tax-related questions.

But not only helping you with your taxes Cointracking can be your day-to-day portfolio tool. Seeing the gains made on your trades can easily be done from its dashboard.

3 ) Go CryptoMarket


Last out is Go CryptoMarket. Similar to Coingecko and Coinmarketcap you can find prices for most cryptocurrency assets out there, if not all. But not only that you can also see what exchanges they trade at. Further you can see the price difference between these exchanges.

With this information you can compare prices and join the cryptocurrency exchange that has the cheapest price, the lowest fees, the best trading volume, etc.

You can also read reviews about the exchanges online, to make the decision easier when you decide which one to use.

With Go CryptoMarket you can not only compare prices and check so you are not overpaying for the cryptocurrencies but also set price alerts so that you can buy at the right time. Set a price for Bitcoin to drop 10% and be ready to buy at the right time!

Final words

In order to become the best possible trader you need the best tools and apps to help you. If it’s to find new ideas for trading. Or for keeping track of your trades in one nice-looking app or site.

I believe you should find these tools and sites very helpful. Do you have some other crypto tool that you use daily?

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Per Englund
Per Englund
My name is Per Englund and I'm a long-term fan and investor of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I've been around the space for a good few years, learning how it all works and to be a part of this engaging community. Now it's time for me to share my experience with others.

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