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How to Spend your Cryptocurrencies EVERYWHERE with MCO VISA Card

Major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are gaining acceptance as a payment method among retailers. However, there is still a lot to be done to catch up with the availability of VISA and MASTERCARD. What if there is an easy way for you to spend your cryptocurrencies and altcoins at any merchant accepting VISA? Introducing the MCO VISA Card that allows you to spend cryptocurrencies NOW and EVERYWHERE! 

Introducing the MCO VISA Card and Wallet App

How MCO VISA Card works? 

The MCO VISA card works like a normal debit / prepaid card. You have to deposit money (in fiat or cryptocurrencies) into the MCO Wallet App before you can use the card at over 40 million point of sale worldwide (look out for the VISA logo) and countless online retailers. For cryptocurrencies in the MCO wallet, they can be converted to USD (at competitive rates) and loaded into MCO VISA card for cash withdrawal or purchases.

Benefits of MCO VISA Card

The MCO VISA card comes with the following benefits (some are only unlocked by locking up MCOs): 

  1. Up to 2% cashback 
  2. Airport Lounge Access
  3. Composite Metal Card (I have just received my Ruby Steel Card and I love the feel of it!) 
  4. No annual fee

More Liquidity and Intuitive App

If you are a HODLER like myself, the MCO VISA card provides you with liquidity. In other words, it allows you to spend your cryptocurrencies now and everywhere, like a champ at major retailers and shops that accepts VISA. 

For those new to cryptocurrencies, the MCO VISA card and wallet app is very intuitive and easy to use because there is minimal technical knowledge on blockchain required to get started. 

Sign Up for MCO VISA Card Now!

Time needed: 1 hour.

$20 USD Sign up Bonus LIMITED to first 5 person only! 

  1. Download the MCO Wallet App 

    Use my referral link with my referral code: CO39VT86CU to download the app on your mobile device.

  2. Create account and purchase some MCOs

    Follow the account creation procedures and purchase some MCOs (cryptocurrency issued by If you are experienced, you can purchase MCOs on any exchanges like Binance or Bittrex before transferring them to the MCO Wallet App. This will save you a few percent on transaction fees. Continue to Step 3 if you wish to purchase directly from MCO Wallet App.   

  3. Purchase Directly from MCO Wallet App

    You can choose to purchase MCOs directly from the MCO Wallet App via credit card or bank transfer (only available for EEA banks at the moment, US banks coming soon). However, I would not recommend you to buy too many MCOs via credit card now as card fees are very high (3.5%). Nonetheless, the MCO team are working hard to bring in new ways to purchase cryptocurrencies on their Wallet app at more competitive rates.

  4. Lock up MCOs to reserve MCO VISA Card

    With the MCOs in your Wallet App, now reserve your MCO Visa Card by locking the MCOs in for a 6 months period (no selling or transferring).  You can get access to higher tier MCO cards with better benefits and perks if you lock up more MCOs. 

  5. Wait for the MCO VISA card arrival 

    You can check the reservation status (lock-up amount and period) in the app as per screenshot above. 


Follow these simple steps above and one day you will receive this lovely package from the MCO team! The package I received came with the MCO VISA card, lovely packaging and letter of gratitude from the team. The MCO VISA Card is now shipping in Singapore and I am sure they will be shipping to other regions very soon. Questions? Leave them at the comment sections 

MCO Visa Card arrives in a nice package
MCO VISA Card Arrival
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