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IRS Will Ask If You Own Cryptocurrency on its New Income Tax Form 1040

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a bureau of the Department of Treasury, recently added a question regarding cryptocurrency ownership to its standard 1040 income tax form for the upcoming tax filing season. A draft of the “Additional Income and Adjustments to Income” section of the latest 1040 form was released. It included a change Read more…

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DropBit Adds Lightning Network Support

DropBit, a bitcoin wallet and payment service provided by CoinNinja, allows you to send bitcoin to people who don’t own any. Now, it’s using Lightning Network to beef up its self-stylized role as the Venmo for bitcoin. Revealed exclusively to Bitcoin Magazine ahead of a public announcement, the DropBit app has built out its own Read more…

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Binance Staking platform to help users grow funds on a monthly basis

Binance, one of the largest standing crypto exchange, has been the leading the crypto mass adoption through its ever-increasing plethora of investment offerings. Joining the list is the new Binance Skating platform, which will serve as a as a value-added service to Binance users. According to the official announcement, “With Staking, Binance users will be […]

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BTC Trading: Stuttgart Stock Exchange Joins The Trend

European regulators may be getting riled about Facebook’s foray into the crypto industry but in Germany, another option has just been added for decentralized digital asset trading. Börse Stuttgart has just opened its fully-regulated bitcoin (BTC) trading platform in addition to an app for other crypto assets. More Regulated Bitcoin Trading According to reports, the Read more…

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Was Thailand’s Top Crypto Exchange Bamboozled by Bureaucracy?

The surprise announcement earlier this week that the top bitcoin exchange in Thailand was closing down sent shock waves through the Asian crypto community. BX was one of the most popular exchanges in the region and speculation is growing as to why the company made the snap decision to suddenly axe a clearly profitable venture. Read more…

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Study Suggests Scarcity Could Drive Bitcoin Price to $60,000 by May 2020

Bitcoin price predictions have been coming thick and fast in recent months as the world’s top digital asset recovers from an almost year-long bear market. Some are just pie in the sky, but others have delved deeper into what could drive BTC prices to a new all-time high in the months ahead. Scarcity Will Increase Read more…

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Bitcoin is Not Acting Like Safe-Haven: Ikigai Founder

Bitcoin is not behaving like a safe-haven asset as fears of recession shadows over the US economy, believes Travis Kling of multi-strategy crypto asset hedge fund, Ikigai Asset Management. Bitcoin Yet to Shine The founder & CIO on Wednesday referred to bitcoin’s dwindling price action against an already gloomy macroeconomic outlook. Recognizing that investors should Read more…

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Bitcoin Miners Earn More in a Day than BSV and BCH Do in 1 Year Combined

In one day, Bitcoin miners earned up to four times the revenue accrued by their counterparts on the Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash networks combined. Bitcoin is King According to a Friday (August 2, 2019) tweet from “Shakepay,” Bitcoin miners earned $540,000 in transaction fees. This figure is more than four times the $130,000 earned Read more…

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Bitcoin Will Annihilate the Dollar, and Alex Jones Is Terrified

Alex Jones was in full agreement with the Bitcoin crowd for about five seconds this week, when he proclaimed the slow death of fiat currencies. However, in the next breath, he warned that the replacement for the inflated fiat corpse would be something even more terrifying: a “blockchain or Bitcoin-style system” run by the globalists. Read more…

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Bitcoin to Hit $100,000 in 2020? You Can Bet on It

LedgerX Unveils New Product Bitcoin-centric derivatives platform LedgerX has just unveiled a helluva product. Reported first by Bloomberg, the American exchange that recently secured a derivatives license from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) will be allowing traders to bet on if Bitcoin will pass $100,000 by December 2020. The call option will pay only Read more…