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Core Scientific CTO Steps Down To Push Through Ethereum ProgPOW

ProgPoW author, Kristy-Leigh Minehan, has resigned as CTO of Core Scientific, to remove any potential conflict of interest and drive the progress of Ethereum’s improvement proposal (EIP). Last week she was uninvited from ETC Summit, based on Core Scientific connections to Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre. Who, What, When? Minehan announced her resignation on Twitter Read more…

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Ethereum ProgPow implementation’s possibility of a chain split continues engulfs community

Programmatic Proof-of-Work aka ProgPoW, the GPU-extension of Ethash, continues to be one of the heated debates in the Ethereum community, with the latest concerns surrounding the possibility of a contentious fork. The protocol was initially supposed to be a part of Istanbul hard fork but was later pushed for Berlin upgrade because of a delay […]

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Bitcoin Influencer Bets $10K That CSW Will Not Move His BTC

Unsuccessful serial-forger and law-court regular, Craig Wright, just won’t give up the ghost of being Satoshi Nakamoto. Ordered by a judge to hand over half of his bitcoin holdings and intellectual property to the estate of Dave Kleiman, he concurred that he now “has no choice” but to do this. However, he was quick to warn of Read more…

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Bitcoin Will Annihilate the Dollar, and Alex Jones Is Terrified

Alex Jones was in full agreement with the Bitcoin crowd for about five seconds this week, when he proclaimed the slow death of fiat currencies. However, in the next breath, he warned that the replacement for the inflated fiat corpse would be something even more terrifying: a “blockchain or Bitcoin-style system” run by the globalists. Read more…

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A New Satoshi Nakamoto Emerges as Chinese Citizen Claims US Copyright for Bitcoin White Paper

The debate over who the real creator of the original blockchain, Bitcoin, rages on as a new name has entered the waters. Wei Liu, a Chinese citizen residing in California, has recently claimed copyright to Bitcoin’s white paper. The claim to copyright of the famous white paper has been contentious recently as controversial figure, Craig Read more…

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Bitcoin? Bitcoin Cash? Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision? Will the real Bitcoin please stand up?

From Cash to Satoshi’s Vision, to Private, to Gold, to Atom and to Adult, the prefix Bitcoin has been used to depict and more commercially, sell and market a host of cryptocurrencies. Currently, there are 38 among the 2186 coins listed on CoinMarketCap, that sport the name “Bitcoin” as their introductory sell. This excludes the Read more…

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John McAfee Summons Calvin Ayre After Bitcoin SV ‘Conman’ Comments

US entrepreneur turned presidential candidate John McAfee has invited infamous Bitcoin SV supporter Calvin Ayre for a face-to-face meeting following accusations he was a “conman.” Craig Wright To McAfee: ‘I Want You In Court’ The latest episode in the ongoing drama involving Bitcoin SV proponents, McAfee announced on social media that he was staying meters Read more…