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Prominent VC and author: Crypto and blockchain will disrupt Big Tech

Albert Wenger, the author of the book “World After Capital,” believes that cryptocurrencies will be one of the things that facilitate the move from the industrial age to the knowledge age. During Messari’s Mainnet conference, Wenger said that he didn’t believe tech companies would willingly disrupt themselves and that the change in paradigm will have Read more…

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Adoption: 5 Business Industries That Accept Bitcoin In 2019

Bitcoin saw the light of day a decade ago, and since then, it attracted serious interest in the financial sector. Even though a lot of people use it mainly to get exposure to its price denominated in fiat currencies, there are a lot of businesses that accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Traveling With Bitcoin Read more…

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Living on Bitcoin in Europe: From Amsterdam to Prague, No Cash Required

Bitcoin Magazine supplied reporter Colin Harper with a fistful of sats and set him loose in Europe. This is the first installment of his “Living on Bitcoin in Europe” series. Continue reading his adventures over the coming days. Amsterdam and the 40-Hour Day I landed in Brussels with a rucksack filled with the usual miscellany: Read more…

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Venezuela President Urges Investors To Buy Petro As Citizens Prefer Bitcoin

The president of Venezuela has issued an open call for foreign investors to buy up the country’s notorious state-issued cryptocurrency, despite international sanctions. Maduro ‘Welcomes’ Petro Buyers On April 25, Nicolas Maduro stated that overseas cash was needed to shore up Venezuela’s failing economy. He was speaking during a live statement on messaging platform Periscope, Read more…

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Bitcoin-Friendly Square Uses App and Algorithms to Issue Business Loans

Payments company Square is moving into new markets by issuing business loans and will soon move to consumer lending. Its data collecting and analyzing algorithms are deciding creditworthiness letting borrowers arrange their loans in a few taps. According to WSJ reporting, one Texan food truck owner accepted a loan offer within the Square app, then

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From South Korea to IBM Food Trust – How Blockchain Is Used in the Food Industry

2018 has witnessed a steady increase in the number of food manufacturers and retailers using blockchains to enhance their operations. From tracking the quality of food to facilitating international trades in grain, blockchain technology has been turning up repeatedly in recent months; and while many deployments of such tech have been conducted on a trial Read more…


Church’s Chicken Starts Accepting Dash in Venezuela After KFC Confusion

American fast food chain Church’s Chicken has started accepting payments in cryptocurrency Dash (DASH) at its locations in Venezuela, according to an official Facebook announcement on Dec. 12. According to Dash News, the cryptocurrency is accepted in all 10 restaurant locations in Venezuela. Dash has also completed its first transaction at Church’s Chicken and uploaded Read more…