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Bitcoin Now a More Popular Google Search Term Than ‘Donald Trump’

Google search interest in Bitcoin has spiked to a fresh six month high as BTC has posted 100 percent gains during the same period. In fact, people are now searching for ‘Bitcoin’ more than ‘Donald Trump.’ As Price Rises, People Google Bitcoin It’s no secret that public interest in ‘Bitcoin’ and everything related rises as Read more…

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Ethereum Price Spikes 9% to Break the Ceiling with Bullish Bitcoin Raging

CCN: The price of Ethereum (ETH) has surged by nine percent against the U.S. dollar in the past 24 hours following the 38 percent rally of bitcoin in the past 30 days. The price of Ethereum has spiked 9 percent on the day against the U.S. dollar (source: The recovery of Ethereum was somewhat Read more…

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John McAfee Demands You Stop Binge Watching Bitcoin Price Boom

CCN: McAfee has warned that the Bitcoin’s rally may not smooth and consequently offered hodlers tips on how to avoid the anxieties brought up by short-term price fluctuations. According to the cryptocurrency influencer, even with the rally prices could still drop at short notice. In such a situation, McAfee urged investors not to panic ‘under Read more…

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Brave is Gaining a Lot of Traction, and May Soon Dethrone Google Chrome

Brave has become the most popular browser of the crypto community. It was able to conquer this demanding audience thanks to its philosophy of using blockchain technologies to change the way we conceive the entertainment and content distribution industry. Brave Logo However, the rest of its features are so attractive that Brave not only grew Read more…

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‘World Isn’t Paying Attention to Bitcoin’ – New Twitter Data Finds

According to the source Bit Info Charts, Bitcoin-related tweets are at their lowest level in 5 years. The figure has drawn ire from cryptocurrency speculators that the world has lost interest in Bitcoin — but is this really the case? One Twitter use Revin Rooke made the following conclusion: There were 16,710 tweets yesterday, but roughly Read more…

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Now You Can Find Love (or Have Fun) Spending Crypto on Tinder

If you love cryptocurrencies, and you are also a die-hard romantic, today you can merge your two great passions. Now the dating app Tinder accepts crypto payments thanks to Bitrefill. The ad was published a few days ago on Bitrefill’s website, a wise decision considering the proximity of Valentine’s Day… and perhaps the loneliness of Read more…

Bitcoin Pioneer: Next BTC Price ‘Act’ Will See $250K
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Bitcoin Pioneer: Next BTC Price ‘Act’ Will See $250K

Mark Jeffrey, author of 2013 book, ‘Bitcoin Explained Simply’, remains bullish on the future of bitcoin, despite the current climate. Drawing analogies to a supercharged dot-com boom-and-bust cycle, he predicted future growth to a price of $250,000. Coin Wars We may be currently experiencing crypto-winter, hodling together for warmth, but Mark Jeffery thinks this should Read more…

‘This is the Next Dotcom’ – 95% of Cryptocurrencies ‘Useless,’ Says Bitwise Market Analyst
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‘This is the Next Dotcom’ – 95% of Cryptocurrencies ‘Useless,’ Says Bitwise Market Analyst

Matt Hougan of Bitwise Asset Management believes the sooner the cryptocurrency purge happens, the better it will be for the fledgling industry. Hougan says he expects the coming reckoning to wipe away the many worthless coins currently in existence, much like during the dot-com era. 95 Percent of Cryptos Are ‘Useless’ Appearing on the Masters Read more…

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Visualizing Bitcoin Adoption Across the Globe

Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency in the world today with a network that spans across the globe. But just what the distribution of Bitcoin nodes tell us about the rate of adoption of the top-ranked cryptocurrency on a global scale? Global Distribution of Bitcoin Nodes According to a 2019 study by Themetafriend, there are 36 Read more…