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CZ Recommends Holding BNB: Would Amazon’s CEO Ever Do That?

In a recent tweet, Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, recently emphasized the potential profits that Binance Coin offers its holders. While a tweet of the kind might appear innocuous, it could also have an impact on the BNB price, given Zhao’s influence on the community, making the entire thing Read more…

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eToro CEO, Binance Exec Join Justin Sun’s $4.5 Million Buffett Lunch

The highly anticipated crypto power lunch between Warren Buffett and Justin Sun is growing and will now include two new members who promise to enrich the conversation between the two businessmen. eToro CEO Yoni Assia is one of them. Assia has been straightforward and actually pushed for an invitation instead of waiting for it. Would Read more…

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Altcoins get much-needed respite after Bitcoin surges by 12% in an hour

Bitcoin broke out of a rising wedge yesterday at 11:00 UTC, contributing to the price falling from $9,800 to $9,300. The bears had the matter under control until the king coin’s price started pumping again. Subsequently, Bitcoin’s price pumped by a whopping 12% in an hour i.e ~$1,400 pump in an hour. The 12% price […]

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Will Ethereum-collateralized DAI resuscitate or will it collapse?

MakerDao’s stablecoin, Dai, which is collateralized with cryptocurrency [Ethereum by default], is collapsing, according to Preston Byrne. In his tweet thread, Byrne described that the peg for Dai has been weakening over the years and his prediction of it being “a bunch of twaddle” had turned out to be true. Since Dai is massively overcollateralized […]

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Justin Sun Invites President Trump For His Lunch With Warren Buffet

The co-founder of Tron, Justin Sun, has invited the president of the United States, Donald Trump, for lunch where he would interact with notable figures in the cryptocurrency space and perhaps try to convince Warren Buffet otherwise. Sun’s invitation stems from Trumps Twitter post. On the social media platform, the US president said: “I am Read more…

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Tron Weekly Report: DApp progress on show as Justin Sun reveals future plans

Tron’s updates and developments have been treated with great positive fervor by the community and that has been evident in the user engagement between ‘Tronics.’ Justin Sun, CEO of the Tron Foundation, has ensured that the community knows about everything going on within the cryptocurrency organization, something evidenced by the latest Tron Weekly report. Sun […]

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Warren Buffett Will Face ‘All Blockchain Leaders’ At $4.6M Crypto Lunch

Tron CEO Justin Sun will seek help from “all the leaders” in cryptocurrency when he has lunch with infamous Bitcoin naysayer Warren Buffett. Sun: Lunch To ‘Bridge Crypto And Traditional Investors’ Speaking to Yahoo! Finance in an interview June 11, Sun, who paid $4.56 million in an annual charity auction to dine with Buffett, said Read more…

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Bitcoin-Skeptic Warren Buffett to Host $4.37M Lunch With Tron Founder

On Monday Tron Founder Justin Sun excitedly tweeted that he had won an auction to have lunch with legendary investor Warren Buffett. Will Sun shill Buffett on the merits of Tron and BitTorrent?  Will the Oracle of Omaha Drink the Kool-Aid? On Monday Tron founder Justin Sun revealed that he had secured a lunch with Read more…