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Approaching 2020: Why The World Needs Bitcoin More Than Ever (Op-Ed)

We live in a paradoxical world in that it is both expanding and shrinking at the same time. The rise of high-speed internet allows us to instantly communicate across the globe, stream movies and TV shows, shop from the comfort of our couch, dig through the archives of famous museums and libraries, and watch events Read more…

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Bloomberg: Bitcoin Price May Hit $400K Due to Fundamentals, Not FOMO

Bitcoin’s improving fundamentals and the arrival of institutional investors could impact the volatility and price action of future rallies and corrections. The Nature of Bitcoin Rallies will Change Aaron Brown, the author of a recently published op-ed in Bloomberg, believes that the next sustained Bitcoin rally could be more measured as it will be propelled Read more…

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Next Bitcoin (BTC) Boon to Be Facebook’s Globalcoin: Industry Investor

Next Bitcoin Boon As more news has been published in regards to Facebook’s crypto venture, experts of Bitcoin (BTC) have begun to speculate as to what effect the social media giant will have on cryptocurrency. Some are taking this discussion cynically, screaming that the Silicon Valley firm’s foray into the industry is a “Trojan horse” Read more…

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Bitcoin Valuable in a Dystopia, But Not Anywhere Else: JP Morgan Analyst

By Contrary to statements from its cryptocurrency-bashing CEO Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan has finally admitted that bitcoin has value, albeit in the unlikely event that the world descends into a “Bird Box”-style dystopia. If ‘Bird Box’ Comes True, JP Morgan Might Recommend Bitcoin Writing in a note to clients distributed this week, JP Morgan

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Bitcoin Price Looks South After Worst Daily Loss Since November
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Op-Ed: Bitcoin Security — How Do We Arrive at Consensus?

If the title sounds confusing, that’s not surprising. I was trying to get creative and find a set of words that could express how I perceive most will react upon learning the theme of the article. For what I want to discuss with you guys today is a hotly debated topic. One that might shake the Read more…

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What’s Next for Bitcoin Miners in 2019 Amid Lower Price?

The year-long bear market finally forced many Bitcoin miners to capitulate by either scaling down or shuttering their operations. However, with the decrease in difficulty, some of these smaller establishments might want to get back into the business seeing as it is now easier to mine the top-ranked cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Miners Adapt to Lower BTC Read more…