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Defi Is Coming to Qtum as Ethereum Rival Launches $1M Defi Dev Fund

Blockchain smart contract network Qtum has become the latest ecosystem to woo Ethereum developers. Unlike many of its rivals, however, Qtum can boast compatibility with Ethereum’s EVM, meaning developers can port projects directly over. On August 17, the Qtum Foundation announced a $1 million DeFi development fund that will be allocated to solo devs and Read more…

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Stablecoin Supply Has Reached $12 Billion; Why This is Bullish for Bitcoin

The amount of stablecoins circulating throughout the crypto market has been tremendous growth in 2020 Although it took this fragment of the market five years grow to $6 billion in size, it has grown to over $12 billion throughout the past six months alone This is an extremely positive development for Bitcoin, as many view Read more…

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Founder of Compound votes against using wrapped Bitcoin as collateral, deems WBTC “risky”

Robert Leshner, the founder of Compound, has voted against the latest proposal to increase the WBTC collateral factor on the platform from 0 to 65 percent. Leshner defended his decision by saying collateral in WBTC was currently too risky due to low liquidity and a high possibility of a technical flaw that could wipe out Read more…

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Yield farming with idle stablecoins and cryptocurrency

In the crypto space, there are people who prefer hodling and people who prefer trading on a regular basis – just like any other asset class. No matter which type of investor you are, you probably have idle stablecoins and cryptocurrency lying around – not generating passive income for you. There are several defi solutions Read more…