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Shorts (Finally) Squeeze As Bitcoin (BTC) Settles Around $7,200

Bitcoin Shorts Finally Begin To Liquidate At last, the long-awaited short squeeze has begun to grace Bitcoin (BTC). For those unaware, over the past three or so weeks, the amount of money shorting BTC on platforms like Bitfinex and BitMEX has exploded, as the news regarding Tether and Bitfinex’s potential insolvency and the Binance hack Read more…

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These Factors Are Pushing Bitcoin Price Above $6000

Bitcoin price reached a high of $5930 May 7 as renewed momentum fuelled a market surge towards the significant $6000 barrier. Bitcoin Price Highest Since November 2018 Data from traditionally more conservative price tracker Bitstamp showed BTC/USD trading just under $5900 at press time. The pair reached its highest value since November 2018 earlier on Read more…

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Binance Coin [BNB] rides second surge wave: 6.05% in an hour

Binance Coin is among the best performing cryptos in 2019. The token’s price surged by a massive 340% since the beginning of the year and doesn’t seem to be nearing an end. However, the coin was undergoing correction at press time, after consistently pumping by 12% over the past 24 hours. The price of BNB […]

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Bitcoin (BTC) Could Breach $330,000 In 2021 If 2017’s Bull Run Is Mirrored

Bitcoin May Soon See Another Parabolic Run Thursday saw Bitcoin (BTC) push past $5,500 yet again, despite the Tether “FUD,” sparking claims that a parabolic bull rally is around the corner yet again. One analyst, the self-proclaimed “cryptocurrency accumulation machine” Galaxy, claims that Bitcoin’s current monthly chart looks eerily similar to that seen in late-2015, Read more…

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Tether Lawyer Shocker: Only 74% Backed by Cash, How Will Bitcoin React? According to an affidavit filed with the Supreme Court of the State of New York by Stuart Hoegner, the general counsel to Tether and major bitcoin exchange Bitfinex, only 74 percent of Tether’s holdings are backed by cash. Bitcoin Will Pass $7 Trillion Gold Market Cap, Winklevoss Twins Say “As of the date [April Read more…

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Crypto Fund Reveals Abounding Retail, Institutional Interest In Bitcoin (BTC)

Investors Are Coming Back To Bitcoin The Tether ‘FUD‘ may have scared off some skeptics, but there still seem to be investors flooding into the cryptocurrency market. According to a recent tweet from Barry Silbert, the chief executive of industry conglomerate Digital Currency Group, one of his firm’s child companies, Grayscale, has recently raised millions Read more…