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Litecoin May Not Become Silver to Bitcoin’s Gold Afterall

Litecoin (LTC) has a limited potential, and will most probably fail to fulfill its promise of being silver to Bitcoin’s gold. Recent points made by entrepreneur and blogger Sylvain Saurel show that LTC has lost its momentum and is becoming irrelevant. Litecoin Rode on the Back of Bitcoin’s Rally Litecoin caught the price momentum at Read more…

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Bitcoin Investors Haven’t Lost More than $200 Despite Crash: Analysis

Any significant crash in bitcoin price tends to focus the minds of investors on money lost. However, for the overwhelming majority of investors, that isn’t actually going to be very much. As recently pointed out in an article on LongHash, out of investors who have lost money on the latest bitcoin price drop, less than Read more…

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What is Blockchain Technology? How Secure is it?

Bitcoin’s inception in 2009 introduced the concept of hard money to the world. A peer-to-peer financial settlement system which is free from centralized control. It also gave an insight into a system that democratizes data storage – blockchain. It is called today is the bedrock on which Bitcoin functions.  Made up of two words, ‘block’ Read more…

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Bitcoin Price Could Hit the $14k – $20k Range Around Next Halving: Analysis

Based on historical patterns, Bitcoin’s price could go through a narrow price range, soon before the block reward halving. BTC remains unpredictable, yet past analysis shows a certain trend. Convergence to S/F Pattern Could be Caused by Reward Halvings Bitcoin price will most probably move in the $14,000 – $20,000 price window around May 2020, Read more…

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Bitcoin Network Experiences Slowest Block in 5 Years

The Bitcoin (BTC) network produced an unusually slow block, taking 119 minutes to discover the block number. The anomaly is happening despite the record activity of miners. Slow Block May Be a Statistical Anomaly The Bitcoin network has a 10-minute block schedule, and so far keeps within the predetermined time, with only small fluctuations. But Read more…

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Tether (USDT) Launches Digital Yuan Before PBoC

Controversial firm Tether Limited has announced that it is expanding its list of stablecoins by launching an offshore yuan-backed digital currency.  Tether Continues its March The Hong Kong company said in a short blog post that the new stablecoin, known as CNHT, would be pegged one-to-one to the offshore Chinese yuan. Like its popular stablecoin Read more…

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Litecoin loses over 30% of its valuation after halving as hash rate drops by 33%

Litecoin’s hash rate continued to plummet as it entered the third week after its halving on August 5th. According to the popular cryptocurrency stats website, BitInfoCharts, Litecoin’s hash rate on 28th August was 331.4 TH/s, a decline of 33.3% from a hash rate of 458.3 TH/s on the day of halving. In the words of […]

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Bitcoin Miners Earn More in a Day than BSV and BCH Do in 1 Year Combined

In one day, Bitcoin miners earned up to four times the revenue accrued by their counterparts on the Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash networks combined. Bitcoin is King According to a Friday (August 2, 2019) tweet from “Shakepay,” Bitcoin miners earned $540,000 in transaction fees. This figure is more than four times the $130,000 earned Read more…