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Ripple Vs. PayPal Supporters Spark Debate on Twitter

Twitter community members are arguing about which international payment system is better – Ripple or PayPal. Is Ripple Slower than PayPal? The argument started with a tweet from Tony Vays, a derivatives traders and host of a crypto-related podcast and dedicated events. He indirectly criticized Ripple for being too slow by comparing it to PayPal, Read more…

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Anonymity in China’s Crypto Yuan is Bad News for US Lawmakers

While the US drags its regulatory feet and gets bamboozled by bureaucracy, China forges ahead and could launch its own digital currency within a few months. Crypto Yuan Nearing According to a central bank official, China’s planned crypto yuan is not all about spying on its citizens. The world’s financial regulators are all casting eyes Read more…

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IBM: Central Banks Will Launch Digital Currencies Within 5 Years

Under the fear of potentially losing monetary control, several central banks are focusing on developing and issuing a cryptocurrency. Indeed, according to an IBM-commissioned report, a central bank digital currency (CBDC) could be ready for consumers’ use within the next 5 years. IBM Sees Serious Future For CBDC’s The OMFIF-IBM report entitled “Retail CBDs: The Read more…

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Bitcoin Headlines to Millions in Chinese State Daily

This morning bitcoin was making the headlines in a Chinese state newspaper as the bullish momentum gathers pace in Beijing’s blockchain drive. Bitcoin On The Front Page Reports are circulating on crypto twitter that Monday’s edition of the official state-run publication of the People’s Republic of China, Xinhua, featured an article titled ‘Bitcoin: The First Read more…

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Bitcoin Usage May Spike Following Cash Restrictions in Malaysia

Malaysia is set to become the latest country to impose restrictions on cash transactions. The move could force more people to look towards bitcoin and crypto adoption in general as a way of getting around such limitations. Cash Restrictions May Boost Bitcoin Adoption The Malaysian government plans to impose restrictions on cash transactions reports local Read more…

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Bitcoin 2017 Surge Caused By Single Entity: Bloomberg

Last year, two academics concluded that the Bitcoin rally in 2017, when the cryptocurrency hit the all-time high, was caused by manipulation. Now the research authors figured out that the surge was likely caused by a single entity. Single Whale Behind Bitcoin’s Dec 2017 Rally In 2018, John Griffin, professor at the University of Texas, Read more…

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A Look at Bitcoin P2P Trading in Politically Tense Countries

Bitcoin (BTC) still keeps up the pace when it comes to P2P markets worldwide. The usage of those markets circumvents exchanges, and allows small-scale exchanges with less formality. Here’s a look at how important it is in countries with significant financial and political concerns.  Peer-to-Peer in Distressed Regimes Bitcoin trading through P2P platforms is picking Read more…

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Ethereum leads Bitcoin in daily transaction count, despite 2% market cap decline

Last week, Bitcoin marked one of the largest 24-hour surges in its history after the king coin hiked by a massive 42 percent over a short period of time, taking its valuation to over $10,400 for a brief hour. Ethereum, playing the second fiddle in the industry, had a relatively strong September until the 24th, […]

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